Basic SLE Series OEM Drive (up to 60hp)

Basic system drives for OEMs – not including fuses, contactor, etc.

These compact, high performance drives provide flexibility for OEMs who may need to use different power components to meet special user requirements. The general specification is similar to the powerSLE Series of drives except that the units are smaller and do not incorporate the power chassis with power fuses, control fuses and main contactor. These components must be supplied separately.

A drive.web online system builder option (available May 2004) uses Ethernet to enable these drives to be integrated into cost effective systems of any size or complexity. The drive.web option can be easily added retrospectively to any installation to provide improved functionality, connectivity, diagnostics and Internet access.



Model 500VDC Arm 240VDC Arm Fuse Kit Contactor Line Reactor Drive IsolationTransformer
SLE14/34 20hp 10hp F3-30 + F3-20 DB53040 LM37 DIT27**
SLE24/58 30hp 15hp F3-60 + F3-20 DB53040 LM52 DIT40**
SLE34/82 50hp 20hp F3-100 + F3-20 DB53060 LM82 DIT63**
SLE44/106 60hp 30hp F3-125 + F3-20 DB51085 LM120 DIT75**
Dimensions:11.5″H x 8.5″W x 6.1″D (290 x 215 x 155 mm)** Transformer specifications can be found on the Power Quality page

Standard features:

  • Configurable field bridge
  • Heat sink thermostat protection
  • 50/60Hz autoranging
  • Wide supply range, 208-240 or 380-480 volts +/-10%
  • Phase rotation insensitivity
  • Phase loss protection
  • Linear torque control
  • Armature voltage or tach feedback
  • IR compensation
  • Calibration range switches (no component change)
  • Speed reference +/-10V or 4-20mA
  • Speed trim input
  • Maximum and minimum speed settings
  • Adjustable up & down ramps
  • Optional S-ramps
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Current range selectable for multiple horsepower’s
  • Torque control in 2 quadrants
  • 150% overload capacity with 30 second stall timer
  • Relay outputs:
    • Stall
    • Zero Speed
    • Overload
  • Setpoint ramp reset
  • Start inhibit after power loss
  • LED indicators:
    • power on
    • stall
    • stall timer
    • external trip
    • over temperature
    • contactor on
  • Speed signal output
  • Jog setpoint
  • Current signal output
  • Ramp & Total Demand signal outputs
  • Shunt wound or permanent magnet motors
  • Stability adjustment

Approvals: UL, CE, CSA

Enclosed wall mounting versions of these drives and a wide range of other options are detailed in the Modulus Drive Units section. Recommended Line Reactors and Drive Isolating Transformers are shown in the Power Components section.