Model 3600XRi Regen Systems Drive

Model 3600XRi
Model 3600XRi

This 4-quadrant, fully regenerative, reversing, single phase, DC drive is
probably the most advanced product of its type on the market. It is a
compact, full featured, high performance product with isolated control
circuits, designed for either stand alone or integrated systems

A drive.web online system builder option (available May 2004) uses
Ethernet to enable these drives to be integrated into cost effective systems
of any size or complexity. The drive.web option can be easily added
retrospectively to any installation to provide improved functionality,
connectivity, diagnostics and Internet access.

The 3600XRi is designed to meet the most demanding of small process line drive applications where both loads and speeds vary in each direction.

Quality and reliability are assured by the use of advanced manufacturing and testing technologies.

Standard Models

Model 230VAC, 180V Arm 110VAC, 90V Arm Dimensions
Inches (mm)
Fuse Kit
Part Number
3600XRi/16 3hp 1.5hp 6.9×8.0x3.2 (175x200x80) F3-30
3600XRi/32 6hp 3hp 6.9×8.0x3.2 (175x200x80) F3-60
3600XRi/36 7.5hp 6.9×8.0x3.8 (175x200x95) F3-60


High-Voltage Versions

Model 415VAC, 320V Arm 240VAC, 180V Arm Dimensions
Inches (mm)
Fuse Kit
Part Number
3600XRi/32LL 7.5hp 6hp 6.9×8.0x3.2 (175x200x80) F3-60
Model 480VAC, 360V Arm 240VAC, 180V Arm Dimensions
Inches (mm)
Fuse Kit
Part Number
3600XRi/36 10hp 6hp 6.9×8.0x3.8 (175x200x95) F3-60

Standard features:

  • Linear torque control
  • Armature voltage or tach feedback
  • Calibration range switches (no component changes)
  • Speed reference +/-10V or 4-20mA
  • Speed trim input
  • Maximum and minimum speed settings
  • Independently adjustable up & down ramps in both directions
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Current range switch selectable
  • Torque control in either 2 or 4 quadrants
  • 150% overload capacity with 30 second stall timer
  • Relay outputs:
    • Stall
    • Zero speed
    • Reverse
    • Overload
  • Control fuses fitted
  • Fast or ramped stop
  • Start inhibit after power loss
  • LED indicators for + current, – current, stall & stall timer
  • Speed signal output
  • Current signal output
  • Ramp signal output
  • Total demand signal output
  • Dual supply voltage 110 / 230 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Suitable for shunt wound or permanent magnet motors
  • IR compensation
  • Stability adjustment
  • Pushbutton inputs for:
    • Forward
    • Reverse
    • Stop
    • Start
    • Jog

Approvals: CE, CSA

Enclosed wall mounting versions of these drives and a wide range of other options are detailed in the Modulus Drive Units section.